Some moments in life, and the special people in it, deserve to be treasured and honored with an oil painting portrait commission by Joel Wright. You can capture moments in time of loved ones and even pets. Make sure to plan ahead and don’t hesitate because doing an exceptional portrait painting takes some time. Joel Wright is now openly accepting portrait commissions. It doesn’t take many projects to get booked up at any given time. Let’s make your portrait painting come to life!



Turn a picture of your pet into a stunning oil painting by Joel Wright. Sizes start at 8x10

English Bulldog Oil Painting Portrait
sphinx hairless cat oil painting portrait

figure painting

Private figure paintings for your walk-in bathroom closet.

Woman in Red Dress Oil Painting Figure Portrait
Greek Goddess Oil Painting Portrait

Celebrity Painting

Commission your favorite celebrity portrait starting at 16 x 20in.

Snape oil painting portrait
David Lynch Oil Painting Portrait
Portraits Memorials Figure Dogs & Cats Wildlife Celebrity
Portraits Memorials Figure Dogs & Cats Wildlife Celebrity
Wolf and Raven Oil Painting Portrait
Peregrin Falcon Oil Painting Portrait
Commission Oil Painting Portrait
Commission Oil Painting Portrait

Honestly I am flabbergasted!! I keep looking at it. I know it’s not finished but wow! It is so much better in person. It looks so good! 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

Jen Shipp
Cat Portrait

I absolutely love this portrait of my grandfather. It is above and beyond anything I could have imagined it turning out like this. It is darker than I thought and it needs it's own lighting but now I realize that is what makes paintings so magical. When the right light hits it then it really comes to life.

Kevin Clove

Joel did everything for my portrait of the kids including the photoshoot and it was challenging getting the kids to cooperate. The result was so worth it though and I couldn't be happier with the painting. It is much larger than I though but I really glad that it is. It wouldn't have been the same smaller size.

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“Linen retains its natural oils, which helps to preserve the fiber’s flexibility and stops the canvas from becoming brittle. It is also regarded as having a more “natural” weaved finish than cotton. A variety of textures and weights are available in both rough and smooth finishes.” -Windsor and Newton

In my experience I’ve found that I enjoy working on linen canvas over cotton canvas. It has a natural texture that I prefer and is stronger and more ridged than canvas. Which means over time the linen canvas will not sag and not need to be restretched as soon. For portraits I use the finest texture linen canvas