Memorial Portrait Painting Commission Luke

Memorial Oil Painting of Luke
In Memory of Luke - Oil on Linen Canvas 16 x 20in

It was an honor painting this memorial oil painting of Luke

Memorial portraits are important for remembering and capturing a moment in time of a loved one that isn’t with us anymore. 

Luke will be missed by many and most by his mother Brittany. She says that he was a very special kid with a heart full of kindness. He loved art and wanted to create art one day. It was great to capture him in a painting as he would have really enjoyed that. 


Challenges with Memorial Paintings

With memorial paintings you must select from existing photos and sometimes there are limitations. The photo we selected for this portrat painting commission was from a vacation to Galveston, Tx. 

And Luke and his mother had just come in from a fun day in the sun. The original pic is actually of Luke laying on his dog eating a snack. While this isn’t ideal, the lighting was good!

Source Photo for Luke

The Photo Worked Out Great!

I think the photo turned out great and I love that he was in a complete natural state for the photo. We added in jelly to the sandwich because that was his favorite. They just didn’t have jelly that day on the beach and you have to make it work with what you have. 

Double Rainbow

A Double Rainbow from Luke

Right after I finished painting this portrait I walked outside my studio and there a massive rainbow. If you look closely at the pic its a faint secondary rainbow as well. I told Luke’s mother Brittany about it he loved rainbows as well. Weird coincidence or sign from Luke? What do you think?