Request Consultation

Reach out to me and say hello! Tell me about what you want painted and I will do my best to fulfill your request.


Selecting Photo References

We either go through your existing photos or plan a photo shoot for the painting. In some cases that is not possible when it's a memorial. In that case I use a variety of technology to achieve the best possible painting.

Peregrin Falcon Oil Painting Portrait

Progress Updates!

Step 3 is that I begin painting after the photo has been chosen. I will send you progress updates when the painting is far along enough that I am working on details. I give 6-8 weeks of painting time but in some cases portraits can be finished much sooner.


Free Secure Shipping

Shipping is included in the cost of your painting and I ship it out securely. Before I can ship it the painting must be fully dry and varnished

English Bulldog Oil Painting Portrait

OMG, I am so happy with the commission painting of my sweet Bella ❤️❤️ You captured her personality and her toothies showing 🦷🐶 I just LOVE it to the moon 🌙 and back 💫 Thank you so much!!! 😘😍🥰

English Bulldog Painting
sphinx hairless cat oil painting portrait

Honestly I am flabbergasted!! I keep looking at it. I know it’s not finished but wow! It is so much better in person. It looks so good! 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

Jen Shipp
Hairless Cat Painting
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"Linen retains its natural oils, which helps to preserve the fibre's flexibility and stops the canvas from becoming brittle. It is also regarded as having a more “natural” weaved finish than cotton. A variety of textures and weights are available in both rough and smooth finishes." -Windsor and Newton

In my experience I've found that I enjoy working on linen canvas over cotton canvas. It has a natural texture that I prefer and is stronger and more ridged than canvas. Which means over time the linen canvas will not sag and not need to be restretched as soon. For portraits I use the finest texture linen canvas.